Metta Convention 2016


As part of the 2016 Metta Convention, Connecting of Hearts, we wish to reach out to members of the Aboriginal community around Australia to join us in Uluru and participate in the Convention.

We particularly wish to invite Aboriginal elders who are respected members of their communities and are interested to connect with the spirit of loving-kindness and exchange their experiences and wisdom. We would also like to inspire youth, both from Australia and overseas, who demonstrate the potential to become compassionate and wise future leaders of their communities, to make the connection with their own spirituality, with the spirituality of this land, and the spirituality of the Aboriginal people – for some, their ancestors.

We would also like to invite members of the Sangha around the world as well as in Australia to contribute and experience the 2016 Metta Convention.

We seek your support to bring this vision to reality:

Sponsorship of 1 delegate:  AUD$2000
OR Any amount towards the sponsorship programme.

We rejoice with your generosity in bringing together like-minded people to connect in the spirit of compassionate love!