Metta Convention 2016

Post Convention Retreat Venue - Mitraville


Mitraville is another eco-holistic health and spiritual sanctuary on a 13-acre piece of land at Mersilau, near Kundasang. Located at 6,200 feet above sea level just at about the half-way mark of Mount Kinabalu and with accompanying natural attributes, Mitraville is yet another ideal meditation retreat centre for the cultivation of the mind. Ven Mahinda has also conducted numerous retreats ranging from weekend to week-long retreats which have drawn participation by meditators from Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

Mitraville is a sanctuary for like-minded people to come together to cultivate compassionate love, to kindle the light of wisdom, and to be of service to all.

Located more than 2000 metres above sea level and directly below the Mersilau Peak of the majestic Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mitraville, essentially means a village of true friends.

Spanning 13 acres, Mitraville hosts a number of developments and facilities, namely the Aloka Stupa, a multipurpose building, and the walaimitra.

The Aloka Stupa at Mitraville is a monument of peace, anchoring spiritual energies, and providing inspiration and blessings to all. This stupa has deep significance to the Buddhist community as it symbolises the path to Enlightenment – to ultimate peace – through the cultivation of the mind: by reducing and eliminating greed, hatred, and delusion; and developing generosity, loving-kindness and wisdom.

Visitors have been awe-struck by this stupa, set amongst the stunning natural environment of the slopes of Mount Kinabalu, with the strong uplifting and healing energies that permeate the site.

The Aloka Stupa is the focal point for Mitraville, drawing people from near and far to meditate, to cultivate loving-kindness, and compassion, and to work for the welfare and the happiness of the many.