Metta Convention 2016

BEFORE you fly

  • ACTION - RIBBON TAG FOR LUGGAGE To facilitate the easy transfer of luggage from Uluru airport to the hotels at different locations, we would appreciate it if you can tie a COLOR ribbon to your check-in luggage (before you arrive). The colour of the ribbon represents the following hotels:
    Sails in the Desert: Blue
    Desert Gardens Hotel: Green
    Emu Walk Apartments: Pink
    Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge: Yellow
    Aloka representatives will meet you at Uluru airport with coloured flags of the hotel.
  • ACTION - WALKING TOUR Decide your option for the morning of Saturday 12th March and inform us of your choice at the Registration Desk on Friday 11th March:
    • Option 1: Sunrise Viewing Platform - Meditation
    • Option 2: Short walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole (30 mins return)
    • Option 3: Lungkata walk via Mutitjulu Waterhole (1 hour return)
  • ACTION - Ensure you complete the following:
    • Check-in your flight
    • Print out your flight ticket
    • Bring a photo ID to board your flight
    • Metta Meditation 30 minutes daily
  • ACTION Review What to bring (click tab above) to ensure you pack everything you need for the trip!

What to Bring


  • Warm or fleece jacket for late night /early morning
  • Light rain jacket
  • Beanie
  • Comfortable walking shoes (no high heels)
  • Suggested attire: cotton white tops and black bottom/skirts below the knee – please ensure shoulders are covered


  • Insect repellent
  • Sun screen
  • Moisturised face wipes & facial tissues
  • Lip balm
  • Mat (meditation mat to place on the ground)
  • Shawl/umbrella/hat (wide-brim)
  • Sunglasses
  • Torchlight
  • Your required medication (where applicable) - As Uluru is a remote place, we may not be able to find medicine easily
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle – recommended 1Litre

For overseas delegates

  • Australian Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • International Travel Adaptor
  • Extra cash (AUD$)

For Optional Tour delegates

  • Extra cash (AUD$) to purchase dinner on Tuesday 15/3/16 – Suggested amount AUD$30
  • Only 1 overnight bag is allowed (no wheels) – If you have additional bags, you can leave it with the hotel when you check out on Monday 14/3/16
  • For a full checklist for the Optional Tour, download it here.


  • 30-mins Metta Meditation (daily)
    You are encouraged to practice at least 30 minutes of Metta meditation from 11/2/16 to 11/3/16 An audio clip for guided Metta meditation by Venerable Mahinda is available at
  • Vegetarian Diet
    You are encouraged to go on a vegetarian diet (if possible) a month prior to the convention.


  • DO NOT BRING fresh food and fruit into Uluru
    No fresh food or fruit is allowed into Uluru. There are supermarkets and cafes where you can purchase food. You can however bring dried snacks like muesli, nuts or cup noodles.

Arrival Information

  • For those arriving at Uluru on 11th March, your first meal provided is dinner at 7.00pm
  • Have a meal before you board your flight (if you did not order meals on board). If you need to purchase food at Uluru, there are various food places (IGA supermarket, Kulata Café, Gecko’s Café, Bunya Bar, Pita Pool Bar, Outback Pioneer Kitchen)
  • You may wish to bring snacks or dry food such as muesli bars or nuts. Note: Fresh food and fruit are NOT ALLOWED into Uluru
  • You will be met by Aloka representatives at Uluru airport with a coloured flag of your hotel
  • During Registration at the hotel, inform us of your Walking Tour Option

Cultural Awareness

Coming soon!